Energy Project

We helped year 7 students create films about 'energy'.




In 2004, to complement the opening of our Energy-fuelling the future gallery we embarked on an innovative project, supported by BP, using film to inspire and educate year 7 students about the subject of energy.


Students making their film about energy

During the lifetime of the project which was , we worked with a total of 27 schools and reached over 4125 year 7 students in London, Swindon and Hull.

Each school participated in four sessions led by our Energy Outreach Team:

  • A classroom session explored the topic of energy in new and exciting ways with students participating in science demonstrations such as Alka Seltza rockets, and fun games inspired by quiz shows.
  • The Energy Show, a specially-written show that covered what energy is, where it comes from, and how we use it.
  • Filming Intro in which we introduced different types of filming equipment and the processes that take place on a film. The session involved role play, games and idea-building activities and we left the students with the task of writing an rehearsing a three minute film ready for our next and final visit.
  • Film Making - we provided all the equipment and taught the students how to operate it. They took turns at being directors, camera operators, sound operators, actors, actresses, set designers and runners while producing their own film.

At the end of each academic year, all classes involved in the project were invited in to a Celebration Day at the Science Museum. This was the premiere of their own short films screened in the Science Museum's IMAX cinema. After the presentation of awards, the students had the chance to enjoy the rest of the Museum's attractions including a visit to Energy - fuelling the future gallery.

Watch films created during this project.