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News + Views kit



Using the materials provided by the News + Views resource, students will work in small groups to take on the role of journalists working on a 'hot' science news story with a tight deadline. They will weigh up the research and evidence from scientists and consider different points of view before presenting their own opinions about the story as a poster display.

See News + Views in action:



What’s included in the kit?

The resource consists of:

  • Five large display posters (65cm x 140cm) made from long-lasting and tear-proof plastic for repeated use. Students create their displays on these.  
  • Printed instruction sheets for students to follow while creating their displays.
  • A DVD containing editable and printable handouts and templates.

Additional content

The idea is that you can use News + Views with any science news stories you come across. Templates are provided as part of the kit so you can create your own handouts.

However, to get you started, we have created some ready-to-use content about 'Gordon', a robot controlled by brain cells from a rat. Based on a real scientific development, this science story challenges students to consider the applications and implications of using animal cells to control machines. Download the following:

  • Intro film - a short film about Gordon the robot to introduce the techology to your students.
  • Background science (pdf) - information about the science underpinning the story .
  • What Do You Think (pdf) - questions to prompt discussion.
  • Expert Opinions (pdf) - statements from experts in the field.
  • Images (pdf) - a selection of photos that students can use to illustrate their views.

How to order

News + Views is supplied by our partner Philip Harris who will manage your order.

It costs £77.95 + VAT (£93.54) with free delivery within the UK.

Prices differ for overseas orders due to postage costs.

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