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Teacher Professional Partnership programme



We are working with 20 London-based* secondary science teachers from academies and state schools in an innovative programme to develop tools and techniques that will engage young people with science both inside and outside the classroom.

Together we will develop and trial new inquiry-based learning tools and techniques, explore the use of objects and museum collections and develop creative ways of promoting science-based careers.

The programme offers the participating teachers:

  • The chance to develop their confidence in using museums to support learning.
  • Practical experience of developing learning resources.
  • Creative tools and techniques that will help engage students with science.
  • The opportunity to work alongside experts in the fields of the arts and sciences.
  • The chance to share knowledge and skills with fellow teachers.
  • New ideas for promoting the value of scientific skills in any career.

The programme will last until June 2014. Participating teachers commit to 6-8 meetings a year (including some evenings and potentially one weekend day) and spend time preparing for some activities and participating in the research being conducted by our project partners at King’s College London.

We cover travel expenses and a supply cover bursary is available. Food, refreshments and course materials are provided at meetings and workshops.

*Why just London schools?

At the moment this programme is only for teachers in schools within the Greater London area. This is for ease of access to the Museum and to enable our staff and the team from Kings College London to spend time with the teachers in their schools. In 2014 we will be looking to expand the project to include our sister sites, the National Railway Museum in York, and National Media Museum in Bradford, so we hope to open up more opportunities for involvement.