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Participatory Research CPD



Are you looking for new approaches to engage your students and their families with science?

We are inviting London-based* secondary science teachers to join us in 'Connecting Students with Science', an Enterprising Science participatory research CPD programme, with the Science Museum and King's College London, developing innovative approaches to engage young people with science both inside and outside the classroom.

About you
You love to create and share new ways of engaging students and their families. You are enthusiastic about the potential that museums, science centres and community resources can have for learning.

About us
We are experienced educators from the Science Museum working with researchers from King's College London.

About Connecting Students with Science
Together we will explore and refine ways of integrating students' home life experiences and personal interests into approaches that will build science capital and ultimately improve students' science aspirations. For more info about science capital visit our project partner KCL's page.

Science capital refers to science-related qualifications, understanding, knowledge (about science and 'how it works'), interest and social contacts (e.g. knowing someone who works in a science-related job). Research indicates science capital is key to science aspirations and participation.

The programme offers you

  • Creative curriculum-linked approaches that will engage your students and their families with science. 
  • Opportunities to develop your reflective practice and share knowledge and skills with fellow teachers. 
  • The chance to contribute to emerging research around science capital.

Applying to the programme
Places are limited to 20 teachers. Download the application form here. Preference will be given to:

  • London-based secondary science teachers
  • Those teaching Y7, 8, and 9
  • Those applying with a colleague from the same school

Applications close at 9am on Monday 5 January 2015.

The programme runs from January-June 2015.
We ask your commitment to attend all programme sessions, to spend time implementing and reflecting on activities, participating in the research being conducted by King’s College London, and sharing outputs with colleagues in your school.

Session dates
- Thursday 15th January, 10am-4pm
- Tuesday 10th February, 2pm-6pm
- Tuesday 3rd March, 2pm-6pm
- Wednesday 25th March, 5pm-8pm
- Thursday April 16th, 5pm-8pm
- Classroom visits, date tba May-June
- Wednesday 24th June, 5pm-8pm

This is a free course. We will cover your travel expenses and a supply cover bursary is also available. Refreshments and course materials will be provided throughout the programme.

Contact us
To send in your application, or to find out more about the programme, email

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

* Why just London schools?
At the moment we can only offer this programme to teachers in schools within the Greater London area. This is for your ease of access to the Museum, and our capacity to support Science Museum and King’s College London staff spending time in your school. In 2016 we will be expanding to open up more opportunities.

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