On the move

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(The video file above is currently not working – please bear with us while it is mended. However you can access the full On the Move video on YouTube.)

By popular demand we are proud to show ‘On the Move’ Launchpad’s film on the web. The Launchpad team wanted something different and imaginative to communicate the idea of energy transfers (an area of the gallery) and this is the result-a collaboration with Engineered Arts, a company based in Falmouth.

This unique ‘kinetic sculpture’ was created just for Launchpad and was built in a deserted warehouse in Cornwall by a team of curious and creative engineers and artists. It ran just once.

The film shows a bewildering series of energy transfers. Watch very carefully to see them all. There are hundreds, many are incredibly imaginative as well as unusual. Look out for the jokes too.

No soft toys were injured in the making of this film.


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