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From Russia with love

The UK discovered gas under the North Sea in the 1960s.

We now use it to make electricity, heat our homes and cook our food. But we've almost used it all up. Soon we will have to buy gas from other countries.

Russia has more gas than any other country in the world. It can make a lot of money by selling the gas it doesn't need, and it will soon be selling some of it to us.

A special pipeline is going be built that will bring gas all the way from Russia to the UK.

When the pipeline is finished it will be 3000 kilometres long. It will carry the gas across Russia, under the sea into Germany, across the Netherlands and finally go under the North Sea and into power stations and homes in the UK.

It will take until about 2007 to finish building this pipeline. It will cost at least '3 billion to build. It will be able to carry nearly 20 billion cubic metres of gas per year - that's enough to fill 8 million swimming pools.

It's expensive, but can you think of any other problems to do with building such a large pipeline?

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Fascinating fact

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New pipeline

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