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Alright, geezer?

Geothermal power is renewable and comes from the hot core of the Earth.

We can get to it easily in some parts of the world, mostly places near volcanoes or where there are lots of earthquakes.

In Iceland they are planning to dig a really deep hole in order to tap into the Earth's natural heat and get into some very hot water.

The plan is to drill as far as 5 kilometres down into the ground at a point where the Earth's crust is pulling apart and spewing out red-hot magma.

The temperatures at that point will be an incredible 500'C, providing a ready-made source of energy.

Unlike electricity from traditional power stations, geothermal power doesn't generate greenhouse gases, which cause climate change... and because it's renewable it won't run out.

Unfortunately, geothermal power can only be tapped in a few places around the Earth and there is one word to describe all of these places: dangerous!

In Iceland the geothermal power stations have all been built close to volcanoes, because that's where the heat coming from the core of the Earth can be tapped. But would you fancy going to work next door to a volcano?

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Fascinating fact

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