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Sour grapes in the UK

Hi! I'm Shah and I live in London. This is a sort of diary of how much energy I use in my day.

It's freezing outside, so we've put the central heating on. The water for the radiators is heated up in the boiler by a gas flame. The gas has to travel in pipes all the way from the North Sea.

Mum has made me a packed lunch to take to school. The clingfilm around my sandwiches and the plastic wrapper on my Mars bar are made from oil - the same stuff that's used to make petrol for cars.

Gas and oil are both fossil fuels. These take millions of years to make, but they will run out one day.

At school we have solar panels on our roof. These turn sunshine into electricity, which is a good idea because we won't run out of sunlight for a very long time.

Tonight I am going to Jake's house to play games on his computer, which runs on electricity.

Mum thinks it's a waste of energy. I told her that the grapes she just ate came from South Africa in a plane, which used lots of fuel.

Now that's a waste of energy!

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