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An Indian summer

Hello, my name is Lalita. I live in India.

Our farm is miles away from everywhere. I have to walk to school and to the market. I don't mind walking, except when the buses go past.

They're very old and run on petrol. Horrible smoke and fumes come out of their exhaust pipes. This pollution is really smelly.

My house is made of bricks with a tiled roof. There are two rooms.

We all sleep in the big room. Mum cooks in the small room using a wood fire. We don't have enough wood to heat water to wash in, so I wash under the pump in the yard.

The water is cold but quite refreshing. Sometimes I pretend I am an actress in a movie and I sing about washing my hair.

School is boring. We sit outside because there are so many pupils and it is so hot. We don't have any electricity so there are no fans.

After school I collect firewood or help mum with dinner.

When it gets dark we light our kerosene lamp, which lights our room with a bright flame. Mum sings and dad tells stories, but they aren't as good as mine.

What is "Kerosene"?
What is "Local pollution"?
What is "Wood"?
Indian village
Indian village

Our water supply
Our water supply

Cooking outside
Cooking outside