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Biscuits in Baghdad

Hello! My name is Nooran and I am 11 years old. I go to primary school in Baghdad with my sister Fazia.

During the war my school closed, but now it is open again. I am very happy to be back at school because I missed my friends.

My school is different now. We don't have enough books and pencils and we have to share everything.

But the biggest problem is that the electricity keeps turning off.

This is silly because my country has plenty of oil, which can be used to make electricity. My teacher says that Iraq has enough oil to make electricity for lots of countries.

The problem is that during the war some of the power stations that turn oil into electricity were bombed and destroyed.

The explosions also broke the cables that bring electricity to our city. My dad and my brother have been helping to repair the broken cables.

I hope that the electricity is working tonight so my sister can watch her favourite cartoons on TV, because I don't want to play with her.

I want to help my mum cook saffron biscuits, which we haven't made for ages.

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