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Earth's largest floater?

Captain Surrinder Moham is in charge of the world's biggest man made floating object, the Jahre Viking.

This is a huge ship, called a tanker, that can carry over 4 million barrels of crude oil, enough to fill 1600 swimming pools.

It takes crude oil from Saudi Arabia to the coast of the USA. When it gets there the crude oil is turned into useful things like petrol or diesel fuel.

Captain Moham's ship is 458 metres long, the length of four and a half football pitches. So it's a good job they've got radios on board.

Being able to carry so much oil around means that if the Jahre Viking catches fire it could become the biggest floating bonfire in the world.

But usually when tankers have accidents the oil they carry is spilled into the sea.

These oil spills kill birds and fish and cause damage to the seaside that can last for years and years.

Some people think that it's much safer to move oil around using pipes rather than huge ships. But pipes can split open.

Fortunately, scientists are working on ways to help us clean up after oil spills. Can you think of ways to make transporting oil safer?

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Fascinating fact
Fascinating fact

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Jahre Viking


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