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Running out of time

Here is one opinion on the future of energy use in Britain. But what do you think?

'Unless we cut the burning of fossil fuels dramatically, the effects of climate change could ultimately be second only to nuclear war.'

So said Jeremy Leggett, Chief Executive of Britain's leading solar power company.

Burning fossil fuels releases gases that cause climate change.

Jeremy Leggett and others say we must stop burning fossil fuels and instead use renewable sources of energy.

Renewable sources of energy contribute far less to climate change. Unfortunately, renewable energy sources don't always produce a steady flow of power.

But you can't ask people to turn their heating down just because it's not sunny enough to power the solar panels.

Jeremy Leggett suggests that to keep our country's electricity supply steady we can use things like hydrogen fuel cells - hydrogen can be used as a way of storing electricity until it's needed.

He believes that we need to use renewable energy resources because we cannot afford to burn all the fossil-fuel reserves in the world - we will ruin our environment long before they actually run out.

It seems we will have no choice but to turn to renewable sources of energy. The question is: how soon could we do this?

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