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Trapped gas

Burning fossil fuels is a major cause of climate change because of the carbon dioxide gas that's produced.

So do we need to take drastic action and stop burning coal, oil and gas?

Or perhaps we could just hide the carbon dioxide by storing it somewhere so that it can't get into the atmosphere.

This is what the Sleipner Project aims to do. A Norwegian company has managed to hide carbon dioxide 1000 metres under the North Sea.

They've pumped carbon dioxide into tiny holes in a layer of rock. The carbon dioxide won't stay there for ever, but so long as it remains trapped for about 5,000 to 10,000 years that will be long enough.

Even if it starts leaking out in a few hundred years it may be OK because by then we may have reduced the amount of carbon dioxide we produce.

Unfortunately, storing carbon dioxide in this way costs a fortune, but some people might consider it a price worth paying to cut the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Would you be willing to pay extra tax on the energy you use to help pay for this clean-up?

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