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Deep, dark places

There's lots and lots of coal in India.

In fact, India has more coal than most other countries in the world. The part of India where much of this coal is found is called Jharkhand.

Coal mines are dusty, dark and dangerous places. Miners are not allowed to go into them without a safety lamp, hard hat and safety shoes.

To make their job easier, the miners use dynamite to loosen the coal before digging it out.

But before they can start digging they have to spray the rock with a little water. This cuts down the amount of coal dust in the air - breathing in too much coal dust can cause some really nasty lung diseases. But coal dust isn't the only danger down the mines. There have been some horrible accidents over the years.

In 1995 more than 70 miners died when the mines flooded after heavy rains.

But the worst accident happened in 1975. Nearly 400 miners were killed when the narrow tunnels they were working in fell down on them.

Some of the miners were killed by falling rock. Many other miners died when they became trapped hundreds of metres underground and ran out of air.

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Fascinating fact
Fascinating fact

Indian coal miners
Indian coal miners

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Indian coal train

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