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Teenagers from Royston High School in Barnsley have worked hard to bring solar, wind and 'pupil' power to a remote village in South Africa.

In 2000 the school's geography teacher, Ken Dunn, visited the village of Malealea in Lesotho. He saw that the village had no electricity and that the local people had to gather wood to provide their power. On his return he set out with his pupils at Royston High School to raise money through a series of schemes to buy a wind turbine and solar panels for the village.

One of the children on the trip, Sarah Wray, describes what it felt like when the school lights were switched on for the first time:

'Mr Dunn and the Chief of Malealea village turned on the lights and the emotion in the room was something I have never felt before, the expression on their faces was something I will never forget. I couldn't believe how happy the people were for 3 light bulbs, it made me realise just how lucky we are.'

The project still continues, with Royston High now being joined by pupils at the City School, Sheffield, who have provided Malealea High School with a water pump.

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Malealea wind turbine

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