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On yer trike

Teenagers from Australia have found an exciting way of travelling long distances without using up valuable energy resources. They've built a special tricycle that gets all its power from the Sun.

Transport is one of our most
energy-guzzling activities. Every journey we make needs energy and the faster and further we want to go, the more energy we need.

For several years students from the Ballarat Damascus School in Australia have come together to design environmentally friendly ways of getting around.

Their latest idea is a funky-looking bike that has a solar panel built into its design to help charge up the batteries on which it runs.

As 15-year-old student Barry is keen to highlight: 'Solar hybrid energy is the way of the future. I think we need to push solar power to reduce the burning of fossil fuels.'

To prove how well the bicycle runs, the team recently took part in the World Solar Cycle Challenge, a tough event held every two years in which competitors have to race over 1500 km of Australia's toughest terrain.

The students had great fun and helped show how renewable energy can help provide solutions for our future transport problems.

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