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Just a dream?

Ideas on energy saving and recycling have been around for a while now. But recently a new movement has developed around the idea of sustainability.

Sustainability is about designing products that have no impact on the Earth or - even better - actually repair our environment and store energy for the future.

The normal life cycle of a product goes from cradle to grave; from its creation to being thrown on a rubbish dump. Sustainable products have life cycles from cradle to cradle - they are 100-per-cent reusable.

The Model U is a new design of car that aims at sustainability.

Its engine, which is lubricated with sunflower oil, burns hydrogen instead of petrol, so it doesn't pump out any climate-changing gases.

The roof is made from corn, so it can be turned into compost, and the seating foam is based on soy.

The car is still at a very early stage in its development, but its designers hope that one day we'll all be driving vehicles made in this way.

A sustainable future is one that doesn't affect the ability for future generations to have the energy supplies they need.

Is it just a dream?

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Fascinating fact
Fascinating fact

Rubbish dump
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Ford Model U