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Trees R us

Every minute, 2000 trees are cut down. That's enough to cover an area the size of a football pitch. Fortunately, the UN is
co-ordinating a 'Plant for the Planet' campaign to help replace the trees.

Tree loss is worrying because trees help protect the health of our planet. They absorb the carbon dioxide that is given off whenever fossil fuels like oil, coal or gas are burned and change it back to oxygen.

The campaign was launched in Africa in 2003, in the Ngong Forest Sanctuary in Kenya.

Fifty people from 45 countries joined school children from Nairobi to plant 4000 trees.

Since then, children in Kenya have adopted land in their community where they will plant and care for their own trees.

As 13-year-old Samaa Mughali points out:

'In my school, we all think that trees are very important in our everyday lives. There are many factories in Kenya, chopping down trees and making charcoal and selling it but this is against the law. This is making our country polluted and bare.'

The campaign will extend to other countries in the hope that by the end of the decade an amazing 1 million saplings will have been planted!

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Fascinating fact
Fascinating fact

Planting trees
Planting trees