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Earth's biggest suntrap

Almost all of the energy on Earth has travelled to us from the Sun as sunlight. Scientists have designed a device, called a solar panel, which can turn sunlight into useful electricity.

It produces the most electricity on sunny days, but can still produce some electricity on cloudy days.

By using solar panels it's possible to build power stations that only use the energy coming directly from the Sun to make some of the electricity we need. Quite a few of these have already been built.

The largest solar power station to have been built so far is on a site near a town called Regensburg, in Germany.

It is equipped with 32,740 solar panels and was built in just 12 weeks.

A new and even larger solar power station is going to open soon, and it will also be in Germany.

When it's finished it will become 'the largest solar power station in the world'.

It will have 33,500 solar panels, but will only make enough electricity to power about 1800 households, or a village.

Best of all, it won't cough out any pollution because solar power stations cause almost no harm to the environment.

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Solar power

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