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Beijing bicycles

Hello! My name is Jiang An Li. I live with my mum and dad in Beijing, which is the capital of China.

Over 17 million people live in this city and in the mornings the streets are full of cars and bicycles as everyone hurries to work.

Our bicycle has two seats so that my mum can carry me to school in the morning.

Mum grumbles when she cycles along because the streets are too polluted from the cars. She says that everyone should go on bicycles because then the air would be cleaner.

We used to have coal fires in our house, but these made a lot of smoke. Now we have electric heaters and our house is much cleaner.

Our electricity comes from a power station outside Beijing that burns coal. This makes the air very dirty, but at least it's not in our house.

My cousin Zhi Xian lives in Shanghai. Her house also has electricity, but it comes from hydropower.

The hydropower comes from the water falling over the big Three Gorges dam, which has been built across the Yangtze River.

Dad says it's better to make electricity using hydropower rather than burning smoky, smelly coal.

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Cycling to school
Cycling to school

Wood fires
Wood fires

Shanghai at night
Shanghai at night