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A mighty wind

Scientists and engineers have designed machines, called wind turbines, which are driven by the wind and generate electricity.

But using wind power is not a new idea. Sailing ships and windmills have been relying on wind power for thousands of years.

At the moment, wind power is only used for 1 per cent of the world's energy. The UK has around three thousand wind turbines, which produce enough electricity for around three million homes. That's enough to power a small city... and we are planning to build more.

Most of the UK's wind turbines are built on land. They are around 50 metres tall, which is as high as a column of 12 double-decker buses.

Some wind turbines are out at sea. These are even taller and can make even more electricity.

Unfortunately, building wind turbines out at sea, in water up to 30 metres deep, is much harder and costs more than building turbines on land.

A set of huge wind turbines has been built five miles off the north coast of Wales. They are 67 metres high and make enough electricity for 50,000 homes a year.

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Fascinating fact

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Fixing a turbine

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