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       Genes and human behaviour
              How do you become you?
                     Lessons from history
                            Eugenics in the UK
                            Sterilisation programmes
                            Misguided science
                     Modern genetics and behaviour
                            The gene for ...
                                   Eating behaviour
                                          Genes and weight
                                          Genes and aggression
                                                 A violent family
                                          Genes and addiction
                                          Addictive circumstances
                     Dangerous knowledge?
                     Studying genes and behaviour
       Human origins
              The first humans
                     One birthplace?
                     All around the world?
                     Evidence from DNA
                            African mothers
                                   Mitochondria and inheritance
                            African fathers
                            DNA clocks
                     Neanderthals and modern humans
                            Evidence from ancient DNA
                                   DNA clocks
                                   DNA and ancient remains
                                   Jurassic Park?
                     Evidence from bones
                     A major controversy
              The human family tree
                     Meet the family
                            Famous relatives
                     Differences in the family
                            Alleles and populations
                            Disease resistance
                            Drinking milk
                     Family history
                            History and her-story
                            Polynesian surprises
                            Capturing human diversity
                                   Icelandic genes
              DNA clocks
              Our closest animal relatives
                     Natural selection
                     Evolutionary leftovers
       Genes and your health
              Identifying genes
                     The Human Genome Project
                            Reading the gene manual
                                   What next?
                                   Whose genome?
                                          Variations on a theme
                                   Where is it being done?
                                          The UK effort
                                   How is it being done?
                                          Reading DNA sequence
                                   Animal genes
                                          Creature clues
                                                 Splotchy mice
                                                 Are you related to a fly?
                                          Bacterial genes
              Future healthcare
                     Designer medicines
                            Preventing heart disease
                            A cure for fragile bones?
                     Tailored treatment
                            Explaining drug reactions
                     Gene therapy
              Who wants to know?
                     Genetic privacy
              Genes and illness
                     Identifying genetic culprits
                     Alzheimer disease
                            Understanding Alzheimer disease
                            Genes and Alzheimer disease
                     Heart disease
                            Genes and heart disease
                            What causes heart disease?
                            What causes asthma?
                                   Genes and asthma
                                   Why the rise in asthma?
                     Genetic conditions
                            Understanding diabetes
                            Genes and diabetes
              The spice of life
       Studying genes and DNA
              Gene manipulation
                     Studying human disease genes
                     Making medicines
                     Spare parts from pigs
                            Concerns about animal transplants
                     Copying genes
              Finding genes
                     Hunting for a gene
                            Three steps to a gene
                                   Which chromosome?
                                          Tracking genes in families
                                   Which gene?
                                   Where on the chromosome?
                                          Making chromosome maps
                     Studying genetic influences
                            Population studies
                                   Children of the Nineties
                                          Project aims
                            Twin studies
                                   Twin births
                                   Twins, genes and environment
                                          Twins, genes and size
                                          Measuring the effect of genes
                                          Separated at birth
              Looking at DNA differences
                     DNA fingerprinting
                            What DNA fingerprinting does
                            STR profiling
                                   STR profiling and crime
                                   Paternity testing
              Gene variation
                     Future technology
                            DNA chips
                                   How DNA chips work
              Studying DNA
                     Reading DNA code
                            DNA sequencing
                                   Reading a DNA sequence
                                   Automated DNA sequencing
                     DNA hybridisation
                     Getting DNA out of blood
                     Getting DNA from awkward places
                            How PCR works
                                   The key to PCR
                     Looking at DNA
                            Cutting it up
                                   Different sized pieces
                            Looking at it
                                   Picking out a piece of DNA
                            Sorting it out
                     Future technology
                            DNA chips
                                   How DNA chips work
              Looking at chromosomes
                     Identifying chromosomes
                            Chromosomes and cancer
                            Chromosomes and Down syndrome
                     Finding genes on chromosomes
                            How FISH works
       Genes and inheritance
              Genes and families
                     Family features
                            Hair flair
                            Royal jaws
                                   How was the Hapsburg lip inherited?
                            Ol' blue eyes
                            Colour blindness
                                   Inheritance of colour blindness
                     Genes and you
                            Boy or girl?
                                   X and Y sperm
                            You are a unique person
                                   Following gene instructions
                                   Human variety
                                          Everyday changes
                                          New alleles
                                                 Mutations and genetic conditions
                                                 Mutations and evolution
                                          Changes in the code
                                                 Correcting mistakes
                                                 'Junk' DNA?
                                                 Mutations affecting proteins
                                                        Changing a sentence
                                                        Changing a gene
                            Chromosomal conditions
                                   Down syndrome
                                   Williams syndrome
                     Health, illness and genes
                     Genetic conditions
                            Research into genetic conditions
                                   Treating genetic conditions
                            How are genetic conditions passed on?
                                   Inheritance of genetic conditions
                                          Dominant inheritance
                                                        Understanding achondroplasia
                                                        What causes achondroplasia?
                                                        How is achondroplasia inherited?
                                                 Huntington disease
                                                        How is HD inherited?
                                                               Testing for HD
                                                        Understanding HD
                                                        How is NF1 inherited?
                                                        Understanding NF1
                                          X-linked inheritance
                                                 Duchenne muscular dystrophy
                                                        Understanding DMD
                                                        How is DMD inherited?
                                                               Genetic testing for DMD
                                                        Understanding haemophilia
                                                               Treatment of haemophilia
                                                        How is haemophilia inherited?
                                                 Fragile-X syndrome
                                                        Understanding Fragile-X syndrome
                                                        How is Fragile-X syndrome inherited?
                                                 Severe combined immunodeficiency
                                                        Understanding SCID
                                                        How is SCID inherited?
                                          Recessive inheritance
                                                 Sickle-cell disease
                                                        Understanding sickle-cell disease
                                                        How is sickle-cell disease inherited?
                                                               Sickle-cell carriers and malaria
                                                        Understanding PKU
                                                        How is PKU inherited?
                                                 Tay-Sachs disease
                                                        Understanding Tay-Sachs disease
                                                        How is Tay-Sachs disease inherited?
                                                               Genetic testing for Tay-Sachs disease
                                                 Cystic fibrosis
                                                        How is CF inherited?
                                                               Screening for CF carriers?
                                                        Understanding CF
                            Genetic testing
                                   Prenatal diagnosis
                                          The future: testing early embryos?


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