What's going on

Over the next three years the Science Museum will present a series of exhibitions, events, debates and education projects that will tackle the big issues in sustainable waste management.

Antenna - Dead Ringers?

Mobile phones

We look at one of the most ubiquitous accessories – the mobile phone – and ask what happens to the millions that are replaced every year.

Antenna - Dead Ringers?


Plasticity - 100 years of making plastics


On 22 May 2007 we opened an exhibition celebrating the centenary of plastics. Bakelite, the first synthetic plastic, was invented 100 years ago and this display will look at how plastics have evolved since 1907, as well as their legacy and future.


Dana Centre events

Photograph of the Dana centre

A series of four evening events in 2006/07 will allow adults the chance to debate some of the hottest topics surrounding sustainable waste.

Every year over 700,000 tonnes of textiles are thrown away in the UK. Now top fashion designers are turning our waste into wear. Come and meet them at our catwalk extravaganza - and bring your own clothes for a revamp at our next event on 15th February 2007. Fully booked.




A new drama character is being planned for spring 2007; watch this space for more details.


Science Nights

Science nights

In autumn 2007 these Museum sleepovers will offer children aged 8-11 years the chance to explore the issues surrounding reducing, reusing and recycling waste in a fun and creative way with hands-on activities, lively demonstrations and trails before settling down in sleeping bags for the night. More details to follow.


Science workshops

Science workshops

We will be running a 45 minute classroom workshop for 10 schools on the subject of waste management. It will be fun, exciting and include lots of audience participation.

Students will work in teams as boroughs of a fictitious city called Bindon to raise money to take care of the waste requirements.

The subjects covered are how much waste we produce and the problems that can have on the environment. We will look at how we can limit waste by recycling, reducing and reusing. We also look at what happens to waste if we do not do any of these.

We are now taking bookings and will be delivering these workshops to London schools between the 2nd May to the 11th May 07.


Activity trails

Activity trails

Sownload a family activity trail (pdf) to help you explore the Museum and find out more about eco-friendly ways of getting rid of things.