Alcock and Brown's Vickers Vimy biplane, 1919.

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Alcock and Brown's Vickers Vimy biplane, 1919.

Detail showing the nacelle of one of the aircraft's Rolls Royce engines, a propeller, and undercarriage. Sir John William Alcock (1892-1919) and Sir Arthur Whitten Brown (1886-1948) made the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic on 14th-15th June 1919 in the Vimy, flying from St John's, Newfoundland and crash-landing in a bog near Clifden, Galway, Ireland. They were knighted by King George V on their return. Designed originally as a heavy bomber to attack Germany and constructed mainly of wood covered by a layer of fabric, Vimys made a number of other long-distance flights, including England to Australia and England to South Africa.

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