Walnut homeopathic medicine chest, late 19th century.

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Walnut homeopathic medicine chest, late 19th century.

Chest containing 34 labelled glass bottles, made by A H Waddington and W Butcher & Co of Bradford, West Yorkshire. Homeopathy was brought to Britain by Dr Frederick Quin in 1830. In 1849 he established the London Homeopathic Hospital, and by about 1870 there were over 80 homeopathic practitioners in London. Although there was friction with the traditional medical establishment, pharmacists were quick to exploit the interest in the new remedies. Modern self-administered homeopathy suggests six different remedies for different types of insomnia. For example insomnia 'with much twisting and turning' should be treated with Aconite, whereas when limbs are hot they must be placed outside the bedclothes, and Sulphur is more appropriate.

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