Viking Husqvarna 8010 sewing machine, 1960s.

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Viking Husqvarna 8010 sewing machine, 1960s.

This partially sectioned semi-automatic sewing machine (as viewed from above) was made by the Husqvarna Company of Sweden, which manufactured firearms from 1689 and sewing machines from 1872. It is a rotary hook lock-stitch machine with reverse-stitch and swing needle facility to sew zig-zag seams of variable width. Eight seam formers can be fitted, and in total the machine can form 32 different seam patterns. It has an electric motor and can also sew elastic and button holes semi-automatically. A low speed gear gives stitch-by-stitch sewing for embroidery and increased force for leatherwork.

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Science Museum/Science & Society Picture Library
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20 October 2003 14:40
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