Flymo Super Professional 47 rotary air cushion mower

Flymo Super Professional 47 rotary air cushion mower, 1979-1980.
This mower is an example of the now famous ("It's much less bother with a") Hover mower made by Flymo Ltd, of Darlington, Co Durham. It was Flymo who made the air-cushion mower into a practical proposition, and into an everyday sight on the lawns of Great Britain. This model, the Super Professional 47 Rotary Air Cushion Mower, was actually marketed under the designation GL. It was intended for use as a contractor's tool, to be used on amenity grass (verges etc.), however it was marketed in brochures as being suitable for domestic use on medium and large areas of lawn. Among the advantages claimed for the hover mower were its ease of manoeuvre, its relatively light weight compared with cylinder mowers in its cut size bracket and, if used regularly, that it did not require a grass box, as the fine cuttings would compost down into the lawn.While most domestic Hover mowers are electrically powered, this example uses an Aspera AV 600 two-stroke petrol engine of 98cc. The width of the mower cut is 47 cm.
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