Wind tunnel models of Concorde, c 1960s.

Wind tunnel models of Concorde, 1955-1965.
Wind tunnel Models of Delta shaped Merged fuselage , elongated Narrow Delta , and hollowed out undersurface models in Concorde wing shape developement. In 1959 the Supersonic Transport Aircraft Committee recommended the construction of a fleet of long range intercontinental airliners which would fly almost twice as high and over twice as fast as those in service at that time; at Mach 2.0, twice the speed of sound. In 1962, the British and French Governments signed an agreement to develop the aircraft together. These wind tunnel models of the delta shape, merged fuselage, elongated narrow delta and hollowed out undersurface models were used in the development of the Concorde wing shape at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, UK.
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