Bush TV22 Television Receiver, 1950.

Bush television receiver, type TV22, c 1950.
At the end of the 1940s / early 1950s, a number of large regional television transmitters were built to extend the BBC's television service across the UK. As each region used a different frequency, receiver manufacturers produced a different version of each set for each region. The Bush TV22 was the first receiver which allowed the owner to re-tune the receiver should they move to another part of the UK. When the cabinet was initially designed, the choice of bakelite was more to do with post-war shortages of wood as to do with design considerations. The band III convertor was an add-on unit available from 1955 onwards which allowed the set to receive the "new" ITV programmes. It could be easily retro-fitted to existing sets, as well as being fitted as standard to all new TV22 sets from 1955 onwards. The band III convertor could be described as the original "set top box" (although in the case of the TV22 it was more a "set back box"!)
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