Volkswagen Beetle motor car, 1965.

Volkswagen Beetle motor car, 1965.
Volkswagen Beetle Motor car, 1965. In the early 1930s Dr Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1951) designed a car for purchase by the average working man. While the car was in development a number of backers came and went, until 1933 when the then new German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), remarked that motor cars ought be a component of the 'National Socialist Victory'. At a car show in 1934 Hitler said that he did not see why 'good hard-working people' should be excluded from car ownership. Later that year Porsche gained a government contract to develop the 'Volkswagen' (people's car, later known as the 'Beetle'), for a target price of 995 Reichs Marks. In 1937 Hitler took the project away from Porsche, and Daimler Benz built batches of development models of the car, which by now was looking similar to the well-known post-war version. In 1938 work started to build a factory dedicated to VW production. The car's cost for the ordinary citizen was still a problem so purchase was through a subscription scheme.
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