Checking tyre pressure the F1™ way

Tyre pressure monitoring equipment for use on road cars, 2008

An incorrectly inflated tyre can mean the difference between winning and losing a race. F1™ teams use special monitoring equipment to warn them when tyres are wrongly inflated, as this can affect the safety and performance of the car.

In recent years the technology has been adapted for use in road cars, to reduce the risk of accidents. Modern car tyres are designed to support the weight of a car for a short period after a puncture, and so give little visual clue of a serious problem. F1™ tyre pressure monitors fitted to road cars detect the presence of a puncture as soon as the car is switched on, and so alert the driver to the danger before he or she moves off.

Commercial vehicles also benefit from the technology, as low tyre pressure reduces fuel economy and decreases the life of tyres that are hired by fleets at considerable cost.

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