Harnessing the energy of Formula 1™

Flywheel kinetic-energy recovery system for recovering and storing braking energy in an F1™ car, 2009

Formula One™ is set for a dramatic change in 2009 with the introduction of technology that captures energy released when the car brakes and stores it ready for use later. You can think of it as turning energy that would be wasted into energy that can be used.

The innovation is based on modern flywheel technology. As the flywheel spins rapidly, up to 600 kJ of energy can be stored – that’s enough energy to accelerate an average road car from 0 to 76 km/h (47 mph) without burning any fuel at all. Several leading road-car manufacturers are already showing interest in pursuing the idea, which could reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of road vehicles by a third.

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