Feeling the heat of F1™

Boiler Buddy, 2008

F1™ cars make use of a special magnetic filter to remove tiny iron particles from oil that will damage engine and gearbox components and bring races to an untimely end.

Engineers have now found a way to use the same technology to trap rust and sludge in central heating systems and so reduce the risk of debris clogging up our pipes and reducing the efficiency of our boilers. This is good news as central heating boilers account for 15% of the UK’s domestic carbon emissions.

The special magnetic filter – which connects directly into the copper pipework close to your boiler – draws magnetite particles which is also know as sludge out of the circulating water and traps them in specially designed collection areas where they remain until the filter is removed for cleaning. The technology can also be scaled up for commercial applications and even large installations such as power stations.

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