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Ovei™ Wellbeing Capsule, 2009

F1™ cars are at the cutting edge of material and manufacturing design, and for this reason many designers seek out F1™’s engineering excellence to perfect their products.

Ovei is an immersive diagnostics tool, designed to capture healthcare data and send it to doctors, therapists and psychologists across the world. While the pod looks simple in shape, designing the perfect capsule environment is more complex than it first appears. So the pod’s designer Lee McCormack turned to F1™ engineers for help.

Like an F1™ car, Ovei’s bodyshell was engineered as a ‘monocoque’ structure using strong but lightweight carbon-fibre composites, eliminating the need for internal supports. Keeping the capsule cool was a challenge too – because of the amount of hi-tech equipment inside it – so Ovei’s internal airflow was also engineered on racing-car principles, with F1™ guidance.

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