F1™ steps up to the challenge

Carbon fibre stairs, 2009

A modern Formula 1™ car is a sleek machine. It has long, free-flowing lines that stretch from the front of the vehicle to the rear – but not for effect. Every surface of the car's carbon fibre body is designed to help it gain grip and allow wind to pass over and under it without creating turbulence or drag that would slow it down.

Now F1™ experts are working with architects to push the boundaries of interior design and produce a staircase with as much elegance as the cars. Together they are using the unique structural properties of carbon fibre to come up with an eye-catching staircase. No other ultra-thin material has the flexibility to produce such curves with the durability and rigidity to withstand heavy use. Each step is only 4 mm thick but can hold more than 100 times its weight

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