Model of Huygens' pendulum clock illustrated in his 'Horologium' of 1658.

Huygens' pendulum clock, 1657.
This model was made according to the first published account and illustration of Huygens' pendulum clock. Huygens was aware that the period of the pendulum was not completely independent of the arc through which it swung and in his earlier clocks he attempted to correct this by using curved 'cheeks' to modify the path of the pendulum bob. In this clock he has adopted an alternative approach of reducing the swing of the pendulum by introducing additional gearing beyond the escapement. He reverted to using cheeks in the following year when he had calculated their correct shape. The clock shown here is weight driven (his earlier clocks were spring driven) and it incorporates a device to maintain the driving force on the clock while it is being wound. This became important with the increased accuracy of the pendulum clock. The main dial has an hour hand and a hand which rotates once in five minutes, indicating seconds on the outer edge of the dial. The minute hand on the subsidiary dial rotates anticlockwise.
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