Hamilton electric wristwatch, 1957.

Hamilton electric wristwatch, 1957.
Launched by the Hamilton Watch Company of Pennsylvania, USA on 3 January 1957, this was the world's first commercial electric watch. A significant advance in the development of electric timekeeping, it took more than ten years to develop. Among the many problems which had to be overcome was the need to produce a battery with sufficient power to operate the watch for about a year and which was small enough to be accommodated in the case. The timekeeping was controlled by a conventional balance wheel, but kept in motion by electromagnets, rather than a main spring. The popularity of this watch was due in no small measure to its modern styling - Hamilton employed designer Richard Arbib to produce a range of dramatic case styles to accompany the movement. These watches were in production until 1969, when they were replaced by quartz movements of superior accuracy. However, electric watches of this type never seriously challenged the supremacy of the mechanical watch as their performance was only marginally better
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