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Celebration Day

A group enjoying the Energy Gallery

At the end of the project, each class are invited to a celebration day at the Science Museum.

On the day the students attend the premiere of their short films about energy which are screened in the Science Museum's IMAX cinema.

The schools received trophies and certificates to celebrate their achievements over the year.

The afternoon consists of an exclusive viewing of the Energy Gallery. In addition to this, each group have an usher to show them the Science Museum's most popular galleries and events.

 Pupil from Fortismere school receiving trophy

"Thing I enjoyed most? I enjoyed coming on the day and watching the film on the big IMAX. The whole class really enjoyed it. And what I really liked, was that the kids had their own little tour guide."
-Teacher from Parkview Academy

"What's the time?" (told it was 1:30pm) "No way! Time flies when you're having fun!"
- Year 7 student from Parkview Academy