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The Energy Show

Maria demonstrating stored energy

For the second visit, the Energy Outreach team go into each school to perform the Energy Show. It is a 45 minute show which was created especially for the project, and for Year 7 students in particular.

Each show is performed to the whole of Year 7 in every school.

This interactive show covers three main areas:

  • Where does energy come from?
  • How do we use energy?
  • What is energy?

These messages are all delivered in a visual and dynamic way using exciting demonstrations such as explosions, bouncy balls, fireworks and a Barbie rocket.

Volunteers during the show

Feedback from the show:

"A dynamic interactive experience for pupils in y7 that illustrates the topic of energy conversions in a stimulating and easy to understand manner"
- Teacher from Northumberland Park Community School

"It was excellent, magnificent, brill, twenty out of ten!"
- Year 7 student from La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School

"Totally engaged the audience. Their interest in science has been boosted, along with their enthusiasm for the subject"
- Teacher from South Holderness Technology College