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The Filming Session

Filming session at a school

This session is the final visit from the Energy Outreach Team to the school. At this stage the class would have written and rehearsed their three minute film.

The team bring along all of the equipment needed to make a film, such as

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Microphone and Boom Pole
  • Clapperboard
  • The class is then guided through the process of making their own 3-minute film about energy. This session lasts between 2-3 hours

    The students are taught how to use all of the equipment and its relevance in the world of film. They also take turns at being directors, camera operators, sound operators, actors, actresses, set designers and runners. They learn about the different stages involved in making a film.

    Watch a selection of the students films here

    Filming session at a school

    "I learned that you shouldn't be shy, you should be brave"
    - Year 7 student from Stepney Green School

    "It's something I might try again next year. I think we've probably got the equipment to do it and they can write their own project and show it"
    - Teacher from Churchfields School

    "It's easier to learn stuff when you are having fun"
    - Year 7 student from Dorcan Technology College