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Explore the home of human ingenuity online. Find out about our objects, arts projects and medical collection, play educational games and discover climate science. Plus check out our blogs, a tabloid history of science and the latest contemporary science news from the Antenna team.


Check out our free online games including the ever-popular Launchball and brand new Ouch.

Codebreaker Challenge

Set by GCHQ. Inspired by Alan Turing. Can you complete the puzzle to unlock Enigma's secrets?

Science news from Antenna

Antenna website

Science News Now: think, talk share. Get the latest science news from the Antenna team.

Science Museum blog

Silent Disco

Be the first to hear about new galleries and exhibitions, events, arts projects and some of the juicy stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

Collections blog

Early flying machine

See what the curators have been up to on the Stories from the Stores blog. From Einstein's smelly feet to how pigeons hid the big bang.

Science Museum Art Collection

'The Horologist, John Elcomb' .Copright Keith Holmes

The Museum's collection contains some 8,000 works of art including 280 oil paintings. See them digitally thanks to a collaboration with the BBC.

Science Museum Arts Projects

Listening Post

Science Museum arts projects explore artists' perspectives on the past, present and future of science and technology.

Science history from The Sun

Darwin and caption 'Monkey Nutter'

See how the Science Museum and The Sun got together to make headlines from the most important breakthroughs in scientific history.

Robotville video

iCub robot

Meet the latest robots to come out of European reasearch labs. They were all at the Museum for our Robotville Festival.

Climate Science Info Zone

Cityscape with train and wind turbines

Explore the Climate Science Info Zone - it's fact packed!

Museum Objects

Mill engine by Burnley Ironworks Company

Browse the best of our 200,000 objects, arranged by the gallery. Everything from the Apollo 10 capsule to a transgenic sheep.

Who am I?

Children at the Science Museum

Insights into genetics and brain science: find out about your brain, your genes and your body and the effect they have on your identity.

Brought to Life website

Model of a hospital

Explore the history of medicine on our updated Brought to Life website. There are 6 new themes including Birth and death and Mental health.