Here is your free ebook of the novel Shackleton's Man Goes South by Tony White.


    Here is your free ebook of the novel Shackleton's Man Goes South by Tony White. It is supplied free in the two most popular ebook formats - EPUB and .mobi - and it is designed to be compatible with most ebook readers. A PDF version is also available for on-screen reading using your PC or laptop.

    EPUB for smartphone or iPad

    Download the EPUB file

    Apple's built-in iBooks software reads EPUB files. If your iPhone or iPad had iBooks, you should be able to open the file directly from here into iBooks and read it immediately.

    Most other smartphones now have ebook reader software either bundled with the phone or readily available. Some will allow you to open the file directly onto your phone. If not, download it onto your computer and follow the software instructions.

    .mobi edition for Amazon Kindle

    Download the .mobi file

    Plug the Kindle into your computer. It will recognize the Kindle as a drive. Drag and drop the file to the Kindle's document folder.

    PDF to read on screen

    Download the PDF file

    You may find the PDF file is simplest for on-screen reading. Other ebook reading software will enable you to read the EPUB of Shackleston's Man Goes South on your laptop or desktop computer: Adobe Digital Editions, Stanza Desktop (Windows, Mac), Calibre (Windows, Mac, Linux), FB Reader (Windows, Linux). However, parts of the book do not display correctly in Adobe Digital Editions.

    Get further support relating to Sony Reader and Barnes and Noble Nook.

    Shackleton's Man Goes South by Tony White is the Science Museum's 2013 Atmosphere commission, published as part of the Contemporary Arts Programme.