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    Massey-Ferguson type 780 combine harvester thresher, 1953-1962.

    Massey-Fergusson Type 780 combine harvester, 1953-1962. Registration number J 3162 C. Made by Massey Ferguson at their factory in Kilmarnock, Scotland, this machine is of a generation of combines which brought mechanised cereal harvesting to a large

    Morton's seed drill, 1828.

    A seed drill from the 1940s used to 'broadcast' seed.

    'Ferguson Black' tractor, 1935.

    Harry Ferguson's prototype tractor known as "the Ferguson Black".

    Medieval ploughing, 14th century.

    Diorama of a Mediaeval village showing the three-fold system of cultivation.

    Morton's seed drill, 1828.

    Model of Morton's grain drill sowing machine of 1828. This model represents an improved version of the grain drill sowing machine devised by S Morton in Edinburgh in 1828. Seeds were passed from a hopper by means of grooved rollers driven by the lar

    Ancient Chinese plough.

    Ancient Chinese plough (model)

    Plough, Asia Minor, c 2000-1500 BC.

    Asia minor plough (used in the time of Job and Ulysses) (model)

    Moroccan plough, 1926.

    Morocco plough, 1926 (native made) (model)

    Jethro Tull's seed drill, 1701.

    Model, scale 1:4, of Jethro Tull's seed drill, c. 1701. Tull's seed drill of circa 1701 represented a major step towards the mechanisation of crop cultivation. The machine would be drawn by a horse and sowed three regularly spaced rows of wheat gra

    Usher's steam plough, 1849.

    Model of Usher's steam plough, 1849. In the mid 19th century many efforts were made to design steam-driven implements for ploughing or tilling the soil. One example is the steam 'plough' patented by James Usher in 1849. Power from the engine was tra