On Display

    Santos-Dumont's '14 bis' aeroplane, 1906.

    Model of Santos-Dumont Aeroplane, 14 bis. (1906), scale 1:10 Designed and piloted by the Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont. The first accredited sustained flight in Europe (other than a 'hop') to be achieved by a manned, powered aeroplane was made by S

    The Giffard Airship, 1852.

    Model of steam driven derigible by Henri Giffard 1852, scale 1:50 This dirigible was used in the first successful application of mechanical power to flight. The power unit was a single cylinder steam engine constructed by the French designer Henri Gi

    Vickers 'Viscount' airliner, 1953.

    Model of Vickers 'Viscount' Airliner, scale 1:48. The Viscount was the first aircraft powered by gas turbine (turboprop) engines to enter regular airline service. The first flight took place on 18 April 1953 with British European Airways (BEA) on the

    The first balloon accident, 1785.

    One snuff box, French, ivory. Circular, 3' diameter. Painted lid: Balloon Ascent.On 15th June, 1785, Pilatre de Rozier and Jules Romain attempted to cross the English Channel in a balloon of de Rozier's design, featuring a hydrogen-filled chamber abo

    Medals commemorating pioneers of manned flight, 18th-20th century.

    These six medals from different countries each commemorate a pioneer of manned flight. Several medals show the flight of hot air balloons. The medal in the centre is the Medal of Congress awarded to Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974), who made the first n

    The Rolls-Royce vertical take-off-thrust measuring rig, 1954.

    1:24 scale model of the Rolls-Royce 'Vertical take-off thrust measuring rig' (colloquially known as the 'Flying Bedstead')

    Leather flying helmet and mask, c 1946.

    Leather flying helmet, with head phones 10A/12401, oxygen mask and microphone 10A/12570. Air Ministry, c. 1946.

    Flying helmet with oxygen mask and headphones, c WWII.

    Aertex fabric flying helmet, with fittings for electric headphones and oxygen mask. Air Ministry type 22C/747, WWII.

    Leather flying helmet, c 1944.

    Leather flying helmet, with fittings for electric headphones and oxygen mask. Air Ministry, c. 1944

    Fokker Triplane, 1917-1918.

    Model of a Fokker Triplane, scale 1:10. In 1917 Anthony Fokker (1890-1939) designed this triplane for the German air service. It entered service with the leading German squadrons and equipped the famous Richthofen 'Flying Circus' during World War I.