Making the Modern World


    On Display

    Two freeze dried genetically engineered mice, 1988.

    Two freeze dried male transgenic mice (nos 1134 and 1136) that are direct descendents of the first mammals to be granted a US patent, #4,736,866 dated 12 April 1988

    Apollo 10 Command Module, 1969

    The capsule that took three astronauts around the Moon in 1969.

    Viscose rayon (artificial silk), 1896-1900.

    Six skeins and one spool of artificial silk made at Wolston, near Coventry, between 1896 and 1900.

    Volkswagen Beetle motor car, 1965.

    Volkswagen Beetle Motor car, 1965. In the early 1930s Dr Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1951) designed a car for purchase by the average working man.

    Nier Feuerhand paraffin lantern, Germany, 1960s.

    Nier Fuerhand paraffin lantern (hurricane lamp) model Baby 275. Unused. Made in Germany. 1960s.

    Tracy, a transgenic sheep, 1999.

    Tracy, a transgenic ewe. Genetically modified to produce a human protein (alpha antitrypsin) in her milk, 1990-97.

    Coolidge X-ray tube, 1913-1923.
    Early X-ray tube, c 1896.

    Large pear shaped x-ray tube of form originally used by Prof. Rontgen, manufactured in Germany about 1896. Inside of glass at end of tube eroded by bringing cathode rays to a focus with a magnet; on stand

    Picador Roto-saw electric drill attachment, 1956-1966.

    4" Picador Roto-saw attachment for Cub and Cubmaster electric drills. 1956 - 1966.

    Master football game, 1945-1960.

    Table-top coin-operated football goal-scoring machine, with approximately 50 old pennies in a canvas bag, entitled 'Master Football Game', 1930-69.