Making the Modern World


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    Crookes radiometer, 1877.

    One of William Crooke's original radiometers.

    Double A-frame sextant of 12 inch radius, 1788-1803.

    Dated to the late eighteenth century, this brass sextant was made by the London instrument makers, John and Edward Trougton. With its tripod stand and telescopic sights, it was designed for use in navigation, surveying and hydrography. The sextant c

    Raleigh Chopper bicycle MK 2, 1978

    The 'Chopper' children's bicycle.

    'Electric Build-it Set', c 1956-1960.

    Model E-1 'Electric Build-it Set' by Electric Games Co., Inc Holyoak, MA, USA

    Mechanical cash register, c 1910.

    Cash register, National model 422X, mechanical with paper receipt printer, serial no. 1520476. by the National Cash Register Company, c.1910. The National Cash Register Company, so named after it was sold by the inventor in 1884, dominated the saleso

    Scissors, 1850-1900.

    Scissors, very elaborate exhibition piece, steel with gilt brass handle in form of a dagger, by J. Moseley and Son, London, 1850-190 Steel is an ideal material for objects required for cutting, such as scissors. The ability of steel to be heat treat

    Wooden statue of Saint Margaret, possibly French, 1700-1850.

    Wooden statue of Saint Margaret of Antioch, patron of nurses, invoked by married woman and against sterility, wounds and facial blemishes, possibly French, 1700-1850

    Cooke and Wheatstone five-needle telegraph, 1837.

    Cooke and Wheatstone's earliest (five-needle) telegraph, 1837

    George Fuller's spiral slide rule, no 849, c 1880.

    Fuller's spiral slide rule, no. 849, made by W.F. Stanley, with an instruction booklet, c.1880. The spiral slide rule was invented to increase the length of the scale, and hence the accuracy, of the conventional slide rule. The Fuller's instrument al

    Original Tesla induction motor, 1887-1888.

    The induction motor is the most widely used form of electric motor because it is simple and robust. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), who was born in Croatia but worked in America, made the first practical induction motors. He made this working model motor t