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    Pewter sauce boat with unknown touchmark, English, 18th century.

    Pewter sauce boat, unknown touchmark, English, 18th century. Pewter is an alloy of tin which can contain small amounts of lead, copper, antimony and bismuth. Athough known to the Egyptians, pewter was not widely used until Roman times, when it was us


    2 metal containers, each containing 12x100mg of Distaval Forte tablets (thalidomide), by The Distillers Co. Ltd., 1958-1962


    3 metal containers, each containing 25 tablets of Tensival (contains thalidomide), by The Distillers Company Ltd., 1958-1962

    Analogue music synthesizer, 1970.

    V.C.S. 3 music synthesizer made by Electronic Music Studios, London Ltd.

    Stylophone, electronic mini organ, c 1968.

    Stylophone; a 6 1/2" x 3 3/4" electronic "mini organ".

    DNA synthesiser, c 1980.

    DNA synthesiser designed and built by Celltech, First generation c. 1980