Making the Modern World


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    Wind tunnel models of Concorde, 1955-1965.

    Wind tunnel Models of Delta shaped Merged fuselage , elongated Narrow Delta , and hollowed out undersurface models in Concorde wing shape developement. In 1959 the Supersonic Transport Aircraft Committee recommended the construction of a fleet of lon

    Coolidge X-ray tube, 1913-1923.
    Early X-ray tube, c 1896.

    Large pear shaped x-ray tube of form originally used by Prof. Rontgen, manufactured in Germany about 1896. Inside of glass at end of tube eroded by bringing cathode rays to a focus with a magnet; on stand

    Watt's separate condenser, second model, 1765.

    Second model separate condenser, formerly described as the "original" model. Made by James Watt (1736-1819), 1765. Early Newcomen engines were inefficient as their working cycle entailed continual heating and cooling of the cylinder, which wasted fue

    Babbage's Difference Engine No. 1 (Trial Portion), 1832

    Trial portion of the Difference Engine, the first known automatic calculator.

    'The Activity' paint roller in metal paint tray, 1954-1964.

    `The Activity' paint roller with metal paint tray and card storage box. A Wallpaper Stores Product. 1954-1964.

    Red Cross fund-raising brooch made from Zeppelin wire, 1917.

    Brooch made of wire from the first Zeppelin brought-down in England, mounted on card by the British Red Cross, presumably for fund-rising purposes, c.1917

    Cooke and Wheatstone five-needle telegraph, 1837.

    Cooke and Wheatstone's earliest (five-needle) telegraph, 1837

    Thalomid (thalidomide) capsules, 1999.

    THALOMID (thalidomide) in blister pack marketed for use in treating leprosy, HIV infection and some cancers under strictly controlled conditions

    Arkwright's carding machine, 1775.

    Carding machine by Arkwright, 1775, believed to be from Cromford Mill. This machine is similar to the cylindrical carding machine patented by Daniel Bourne in 1748. The cotton was first ginned and beaten, then fed on to the feed roller, called a "li