Making the Modern World


    On Display

    Folding joiner's workbench, c 1969.

    Folding joiner's bench, the fore runner of the 'workmate' bench.

    Remington Arms lock-stitch sewing machine, 'Empire' model, 1870.

    Original Remington Arms lock-stitch sewing machine head: the 'Empire' model of 1870. The Empire Sewing Machine Company made this model from about 1860. In 1870, the United States Remington Small Arms Company took over the company but continued to ma

    Motorola StarTAC mobile phone, 1997.

    STAR TAC mobile telephone by Motorola, Alencon Link, Basingstoke, Hampshire, 1997.

    Excell M2 Pocketphone, 1987.

    Excell M2 Pocketphone, cellular mobile phone made by Excell Communications, 1987

    Kundo 'Space Timer' radio-controlled desk clock, 1988.

    The Space Timer was one of the first mass-produced radio-controlled clocks. It is synchronised by time signals transmitted from Frankfurt in Germany and indicates Mid-Euopean time, which is one hour fast of Greenwich. It automaticlly resets itself fo

    Sir Hiram Maxim's 'Pipe of Peace' bronchial inhaler, 1909-1910.

    2 boxed sets of Maxim's inhaler, Sir Hiram Maxims "Pipe of Peace", with drug prepared by John Morgan Richards and Sons Ltd., London. One is illustrated.

    Model of Jenning's patent water closet, c 1900.

    Working model of Jennings patent water closet, in case, c. 1900.

    Con Edison's 'Plan Your Kitchen Kit', c 1958.

    Con Edison's Plan Your Kitchen Kit, a kitchen planning aid supplied free to customers by the Consolidated Edison Company, New York, ca. 1958.

    Lockheed 10A Electra, serial no 1037, 1935.

    Lockheed 10A Electra. The aircraft is pictured outside a hangar at the Science Museum's Wroughton airfield in Wiltshire. The Electra first flew in February 1934, and with its low-wing, all-metal monoplane contruction, supercharged air-cooled wing-mou

    Holmes arc lamp from South Foreland Lighthouse, c 1860-1880.

    Holmes' arc lamp from South Foreland Lighthouse