Making the Modern World


    On Display

    Pneumatic dispatch tube switch, c early 20th century.

    Pneumatic dispatch switch for an intermediate station

    First prototype of the 'Clock of the Long Now', 1999

    A prototype for a clock mechanism intended to keep time for 10,000 years.

    Remains of Stephenson's 'Rocket' (1829) on display, 2001
    Rocket marks one of the key advances in railway technology.
    Budding's patent lawn mower No 3157, 1832.

    Lawn mower, built by J. R. and A. Ransomes of Ipswich to Edwin Budding's patent No. 3157 of 1830

    McCormick's reaper, 1831.

    Model (scale 1:6) of the original reaping machine built and demonstrated in 1831 by Cyrus H. McCormick. The model is one of a number displayed at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1900 by the McCormick Harvesting Machine Co . It represents Cyrus Mc

    Short SC 1 VTOL aircraft XG900, 1957.

    Short S.C.1 VTOL Aircraft XG900. The Short SC 1 was the first British fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. It was designed as a test aircraft for the Rolls-Royce RB 108 vertical lift turbojet. The SC 1 did achieve vertical take-o

    Motorola MicroTAC cellular telephone, 1993.

    MICROTAC Cellular Telephone Model No F09UTD8924AA, Serial No 745DPU0206. by Motorola Inc. USA, 1993, complete with nickel cadmium battery

    A scientific lecture, 1802.

    Coloured etching, `Scientific Researches! - New Discoveries in Pneumaticks! - or, an Experimental Lecture on the Powers of Air' a print by James Gillray (1757-1815). A demonstration involving the breaking of wind! Scene shows a discourse at the R

    'The Thames Tunnel' peepshow, c 1851.

    A peepshow, entitled, "The Thames Tunnel", in 5 lithographed sections and front, hand coloured, with 2 peepholes in cover, the cover scene of Tunnel staircase with vignettes including Crystal Palace and Parliament buildings; in original box. Publishe

    Parsons' steam turbine-generator, 1884.

    Parsons' original Steam Turbine generator with spare guide ring and fan 1884. Made by Clarke, Chapman, Parsons & Co. This machine is the forerunner of the turbo-generators that today provide most of the world's electricity. It is the first experiment